CoreSafe® Plastic Drill Core Trays and Core Boxes

CoreSafe®The all new Plastic Core Tray from Prospectors Pty Ltd.

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1. Protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost.
2. Not likely to cause or lead to harm or injury; not involving danger or risk.
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Available from Prospectors’ outlets around Australia and for export worldwide. Prospectors CoreSafe® is the core tray/box the mining and exploration industry has been waiting for.

CoreSafe® receives Good Design® recognition.

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May 2013 - Finalist have been announced for the Australian International Design Awards. We are delighted to report that CoreSafe® is a finalist and has been awarded Good Design® status.

The Good Design® Logo is the independant symbol of good design. It represents that this design has been assessed by an independant panel of Australian and international design experts who recomend that Good Design Australia endorse it as an example of good design.

Australian International Design Awards
A division of Good Design Australia.

You can find out more on the Good Design Australia website:

First CoreSafe® Core Tray Produced

January 2013 - Our first CoreSafe® core tray has been produced at our factory in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. The 4 channel "H" Slimline was the first production CoreSafe produced. Production of our complete range of core trays is now underway and shipping to our clients has begun. In this top view of our first tray, the unique core access recesses are clearly seen.
1st HQ CoreSafe Core Tray



CoreSafe® will help prevent cuts, lifting injuries and strains.

CoreSafe® protects your core in a core tray/box that has been designed to work the way you work, with optional one piece clip-on and lockable lids, a flat tray/box bottom and integrated core supports.

Prospectors CoreSafe® - designed simply to be the world’s safest and best core tray/box.

CoreSafe® the all new plastic core tray/box from Prospectors Pty Ltd.


Minimises work place injuries, protects your valuable core, works the way you want to work.

What Customers Want

We spoke to our customers, the drillers, the geologists, the field-hands, the core-shed operators, and managers. The common theme was “we want a safer tray. A tray that does not cut me, a tray that does not fail when I lift it, a tray that I can lift without straining my wrists, or elbows.”

It Starts with the Handles

CoreSafe® Ultimate has generous, comfort-grip side and end handles. These enable a natural lift. Gone are the strained wrists associated with old fashioned end handles. Our Slimline tray has large, new-age end handles with smaller side handles. All with comfort grips.

OH&S Friendly CoreSafe® Core Trays

CoreSafe® is designed from the ground up to reduce workplace strains and injuries. A safer work-place equals greater productivity and bottom line profit.

Equipment Friendly CoreSafe® Core Trays & Boxes

Roller conveyors, pallets, work benches - not a problem for CoreSafe®.

Roller conveyors present a unique set of problems for most plastic core trays on the market. We have designed our flat bottomed trays to work exceedingly well with roller conveyors. Lengthwise or sideways these trays have been tested to minimise bounce. Now you can have the best of both worlds - the cost advantages of plastic trays and the work efficency advantages of roller conveyors.

Whether your work bench is made from square profile steel, old drill rod or any other material you'll find CoreSafe®will glide along the benches easily and smoothly.

CoreSafe® is designed to fit three across a pallet. Then we added 4 strapping guides to both the trays and lids. These will take pallet strapping and/or tie down webbing. We've designed CoreSafe® to work well with your equipment.

Safety Designed in

None of our core trays or accessories have any rivets to pop out, sharp edges to cut, or corners to catch. We have designed safety into CoreSafe®. Safety also comes from structural strength and stability. A safe product must perform as well as it looks. A great product must perform at world leading levels. CoreSafe® core trays are such a product. They are designed to resist impact and load stress. They have been tested and tested using the latest technology to help ensure they will not fail when you need them most. CoreSafe® plastic drill core trays & boxes - designed for safety.

Core Friendly CoreSafe® Core Trays & Boxes

One-piece clip on lids that can be pad-locked or cable tied shut. Supporting ribs to cradle your valuable core. Two very important features that help protect your asset from prying eyes and damage.

Cradle your Core

All of our trays also have supporting ribs in the bottom of every channel. These ribs cradle your core, they help protect the core from shock movements and they help keep the core orientated during transport.

Clip-on Lid

Our optional, one piece clip on lids were designed with the trays, they are no mere after thought. From day one they have been a “must have”. We must have a strong and sturdy lid that stays put. To make them even better we have added lock holes to each corner. These marry-up to similar holes in the tray and enable the lids to be locked on. They can be locked on with cable ties, security ties or padlocks.

Operator Friendly CoreSafe® Core Trays & Boxes

Drillers, field hands, geologists, store-people - CoreSafe® - the core tray/box designed for you. We give you feature, after feature, after feature:

  • Ample writing space for notes.
  • Easy lift side and end handles.
  • Multiple aluminium tag holders.
  • One-piece, lockable clip-on core tray lids.
  • Easy slide design facilitates loading.
  • Easy access finger recesses.
  • Drainage holes and plugs.
  • Strapping guides.
  • Flat bottom for roller conveyors.
  • Unique drop in core markers.

Plastic Core Trays & Core Boxes

Our Ultimate and Slimline CoreSafe® core trays are made from tough plastic for safety, durability and economy. Our chosen material is a premium grade high-impact polypropylene; designed to give years & years of service. They are designed to work in most environments. They can withstand temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius. They are engineered tough to minimise twisting, bowing and breakage. Immune to most chemicals and UV stabilised for extended life outdoors. We have other specialised plastics for those rare occasions where extreme conditions prevail, let us know of any particular requirements you may have.

CoreSafe® Core Trays are available in two styles find out more here.