CoreSafe® Plastic Drill Core Trays & Core Boxes – Styles

Our core trays are available in two styles; Ultimate and SlimLine. Both core trays have similar features and benefits with just a few variations.

CoreSafe Ultimate Core Tray

Footprint = 1000mm x 385mm
Core Sizes = NQ/2,HQ,PQ
Our Ultimate core trays are designed
for working end to end – 1 tray per metre of workbench.
Wide channel Dividers – room for notes
Generous side handles.
Standard Colour ‘Bob Grey’.
Available in other colours on request

CoreSafe SlimLine Core Tray

Footprint = 1050mm x 333mm
Core Sizes = NQ/2,HQ
Our SlimLine core trays are designed
for working side by side – 3 trays per metre of workbench.
Narrow channel dividers to make the tray slimmer, but with the same core capacity as the Ultimate
Generous end handles. Standard Colour ‘Desert Sand’
Available in other colours on request

CoreSafe® Core Trays and Core Boxes Patents and IP

The CoreSafe® range of core trays, core boxes and accessories is protected in a variety of ways, such as Trade Marks, Patent applications and design registrations including those shown below:


  • Australia – Patent Registered
  • Argentina – Patent Application
  • Bolivia – Patent Application
  • Venuzuela – Patent Application
  • Gulf Cooperation Region – Patent Application
  • Brazil – Patent Application
  • Canada – Patent Application
  • Chile – Patent Application
  • China – Patent Application
  • Europe – Patent Application
  • India – Patent Application
  • Indonesia – Patent Application
  • Malaysia – Patent Application
  • Mexico – Patent Application
  • Phillipines – Patent Application
  • Russia – Patent Application
  • South Africa – Patent Registered
  • Thailand – Patent Application
  • USA – Patent Application
  • Vietnam – Patent Application

Trade Marks

  • The CoreSafe logo used on these web pages is a registered Australian trade mark.
  • The word CoreSafe is a registered Australian trade mark.
  • Australia – Trademark Registered
  • China – Trademark Registered
  • Europe – Trademark Registered
  • Russia – Trademark Registered
  • USA – Trademark Registered

Design Registrations